Thursday, July 29, 2010

A WEEK WITHOUT............??

salam alaik...heyy!!

even he/she is not really important to me,

even he/she is not my special person,

even he/she is not my admirer,

even he/she cannot give me happiness(because only ALLAH can give me that),

even he/she cannot give me 4.0 in this semester,

even he/she cannot love me like my parents love me,

but I just wanna say...I need him/her indirectly in my life...

he/she did evolve my stand before...

I really hope that I can meet him/her tomorrow...

who always make me smile even I am moody...

I hope 1 day I will let him/her go from my life... I really hope for that..sorry...



"Make Your Own Words" ™ said...

peh sape la tu..hehe

afuan shah said...

sapa2 ja la man..
ak ja tau..
tadak sapa pon tau..yg pasti dia bukan special person..
tp ak keep watching on him/her
lebeh seminggu ak x jmpa dia