Thursday, November 4, 2010


Salam..sounds like a lil bit sophisticated rite..???
but just wanna say..
I MISS MY AFFUAN SHAHEYALAM(facebook)too much..
I MISS MY PENDANG(hometown)...
Im thinking..when will i activate back my fb account...(cannot wait...WAAAA!! ;'(
n when will i can spend time in PENDANG...huhu..

btw..THINKING PROCESS can be apply in many situation for instance in decision following this steps..inshaAllah..:)
1.identify the problem/subject
2.analysis the problem carefully
3.evaluate the analysis back whether it can can be accepted (logic correctness)
4.make ur decision/conclusion/judgement.


someone who has no problem in his life is strong enough!

(when I  will  continue writing KESAH CHENTA SEPARUH DONGENG HUH??)

p/s:U are free to criticize n correct my grammar..(kucar kacir)

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