Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When it is called Responsibility

Assalamualaikum wbt.
How u guys??
i'm not very well now...(the SICK come again)

Around 11:00 pm yesterday,
when my family including me having dinner at Pak Hussin Restaurant,
i got a call from my Abang. The conversation...

Abang : Affuan, did u bought the ticket to Nilai already?

Me : Nope. But why abang?

Abang : U must arrived Nilai b4 2nd Jan. (the date when CFS-ians students finished their hols)

Me : so, u mean i have to arrived there at 1st Jan?

Abang : no,it is late already. U have to arrived there at 30th Dec.

Me : Huh?? (gulp) emm...ok bang, i will.

can't u imagine..i have to leave home at this Thursday. How come?? Waa!! T____T
(dah la cuti bapa hari ja)
but i have to. my Abang want us (PSSCM commitee) to submit the important things earlier and it is my responsibility to make sure all the things done already.
Ya Allah,
 my right side : my time with family
 my left side : the responsibility

which one the priority??
after think critically, i have to choose RESPONSIBILITY.
it seem so hard..but i have to..
because when u are given the task, u are now carrying the responsibility...
When it is called Responsibility, u have to do ur best.
because if it is not,

Awak akan dipanggil orang Pecah Amanah

siapa org yang pecah amanah??
bukankah antara ciri orang yang munafik??
so, who will put the trust on u in future??

sharing is caring..
so think deeply...what is your Responsibility...
have u done yours??
have i done mine??

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aei said...

kne balik nilai this kmis??? all commitees??? o.O